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 COUNTY COUNTY COMMISSIONERCOUNTYPROSECUTING DIST 2DIST 3SHERIFFATTORNEY REPREPREPREPREPREPREPREPPrecinctRex L. PayneVaughn RasmussenBart HeslingtonJohn MartinezBlake WellsJoseph Randy HayesJohn H. OlsonSteven A. Wuthrich         #1 Montpelier2582591817425859399#2 Montpelier21621711991206211…

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Today is National Apple Pie Day. What is it about Apple Pie? I like it because it is apple pie. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Pie is delicious. Put the two together and it is almost the perfect desert. Add some ice cream and you have it made. The world is just a better place with app…

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Why today isn’t a national holiday, I don’t know. An amazing event took place on this day that made the nation smaller without taking away any land, only time. Today, in 1869, the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed with the driving of a golden spike in Promontory Point, Utah. This…


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Last Friday the Bear Lake Bears hosted their home golf meet. The boys played at the Bear Lake West Golf Course and the girls at the Montpelier Golf Course. Peyton Johnson shot his competitive tournament play best with a score of 66 (which is 1 under par) Karissa Parker shot her competitive t…


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Paul Roy Kunz, 83, passed away on May 10, 2016 after a long an…

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